An electrifying, mind-blowing, life changing experience

Sam Weed carrying the flame in Cardiff

Sam Weed carrying the Torch in Cardiff

Sam Weed, Ebbw Vale – carried the flame in Cardiff

Since finding out I was going to be carrying the torch, I’ve had overwhelming support from local schools, friends and members of the public throughout Blaenau Gwent.

With a sleepless, nervous but exciting night before it was finally my time to shine. I put on my uniform and headed to the meeting point where I could see the crowds starting to grow all along Newport Road, Cardiff, and the flame wasn’t due to arrive for another 3 hours!

On arrival at the meeting point we were put on the official Olympic bus with other torchbearers, torch team and the official Olympic Torches. On the bus, I could see the streets were heaving with members of the public. It was ‘electrifying’ and ‘mind-blowing’ how so many people were on the streets cheering on the Olympic flame as it passed each designated point. It was my turn to be dropped off next and as we pulled up to my designated spot, number 95 Newport Road (near Maxwell Road), Cardiff, the crowds were cheering. The torch bearers shouted my name as I walked off the bus and I felt so emotional and so proud at the same time.

The sun was shining as the Samsung, Lloyds and Coca Cola buses drove past. I knew the torch was less than 5 minutes away, my heart went into my mouth and I felt so nervous. My phone was vibrating throughout with texts/ tweets. I felt like royalty with the amount of video, photos and high fives I was asked to have including those with the local police officers. It was Phenomenal!

As the torches kissed and my flame was lit it was my time to shine. I paced myself slowly. with the crowd cheering my smile and confidence grew. The further I ran, the louder the crowd got and more people emerged. It was the best 300/400 meters I have run in my entire life. My heart was pounding, I couldn’t stop smiling and I wanted to do it again. It was the best experience of my life and I was proud to be a part of it thanks to Samsung and London 2012.

I run a StreetGames drop in day that runs between 4-5  hours a week for young people (8-17) to play sports in disadvantaged communities. I helped out with a Blaenau Gwent schools cricket sporting event for the last 3 years (Cricket and Athletics, Dance festivals). In August 2010, I was a volunteer at the National Eisteddfod held in Ebbw Vale and have completed over 250 hours of volunteering.

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