The single most humbling and incredible experience of my life

Dave Buchanan carried the flame in Pontypridd

Dave Buchanan carried the Torch in Pontypridd

Dave Buchanan, Hengoed – carried the flame in Pontypridd

Carrying the torch, and the fact that someone had thought of me at nomination time, is the single most humbling and incredible experience of my life. It won’t be beaten.

A lot of things ran through my mind as I stood in Pontypridd with the torch, awaiting the cavalcade as it passed through Wales. The most prominent thought was of how I had arrived here…and what if I fell over?

I was ill many years ago with cancer, but tried to stop it getting in the way of my climbing, running and mountaineering. It was tough at times, and my sports have changed over the years, but I think I still have access to the mentality that means nothing will stop me if it’s at all possible to continue.

We all have access to this mentality. Every one of us.

If I’m trying to do something big, then Charity fund-raising keeps me going, so in the winter of 2009 I was the first person to ride the length of Wales non-stop, off-road, on a bike and alone. It took just under 22 1/2 hours.

In 2011 I doubled this ride by starting in Cardiff and riding to Caernarfon before turning around and riding back to Cardiff without stopping. The total ride was 721Km and climbed the equivalent of Everest 3 times. This one took nearly 60 hours non-stop and got my friends, who supported me, and me, a Guinness World Record.

I was waiting on the cavalcade because of the support and encouragement from my friends.