I felt like a celeb on the red carpet, it was fantastic

Adam Goy carried the Torch in Haverfordwest

Adam Goy carried the Torch in Haverfordwest

Adam Goy, Haverfordwest - carried the torch in Haverfordwest

After months of knowing I was going to be an Olympic Torch bearer the day had finally arrived. Arriving at Sir Thomas Picton School, the pick up point, and seeing my fellow torch bearers for the first time, finding out about them and what they did to get nominated was fantastic.

Also meeting all the staff involved, you don’t realise how much effort goes into this kind of event until you see it for yourself. After milling around and chatting it was time to be briefed on what was about to happen and yes, seeing the torch for the first time. Time to board the bus and head off into town.

I was unsure what to expect because I was in the main square earlier that day and it was like any other Sunday. So when we arrived at the stating point and waited for the convoy to arrive I could feel a lump in my throat as looked at how many people had come to see this special event.

I was starting the relay off so was dropped off first at my starting point where I was greeted by a humongous roar of applause; I didn’t know where to look there were so many people. I’m not one for being the centre of attention but I was definitely that today. People were shouting and wanting pictures, I could see some of my family who were happily snapping away. I felt like a celeb on the red carpet, it was fantastic.

There were so many people that an officer came and asked me if I minded running a little bit further and starting on the other side of the roundabout as many would miss it. So back I went and my torch was lit and a second roar from the crowd as I lifted the flame – it was as if I’d just lifted the world cup at Wembley – and I was off.

I could see faces of friends as I ran and was greeted with cheers all the way. It was an incredible and emotional feeling and I’m sure people could tell by the giant smile on my face. Turning the corner and heading towards the square and seeing all the people lined up – wow what a sight. As I reached the next bearer and passed on the flame I spotted my wife and daughter cheering in the crowd. Holding back the tears of joy we managed to get a few photos together before I boarded the bus.

The crowds still cheered and waved as I went by and one by one I was reunited with my fellow bearers. Arriving back at the school I thought it was all over but there was a huge crowd waiting for us. I had loads of pictures taken with people I’d never met before, people shaking my hand – I was definitely a celeb for the day. Even with the amount of pictures popping up on the internet and social networks I will always remember what an incredible day this was and one I will treasure for ever.