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George Jacob carried the torch in Abergele

George Jacob carried the torch in Abergele

George Jacob, originally from India, living in Dubai UAE – carried the torch in Abergele.

The announcement of my selection as Torchbearer came after a long process and background checks. I carried the Olympic Flame in Abergele on the 29th May 2012 and experienced some of the greatest moments in life.

Proud and privileged. It is an honor to be part of the Olympics History, to be part of the Olympic team. My Mother travelled all the way from India. My wife and kids came with me from Dubai to witness this great achievement in life.

All of Abergele lined on the streets. Amazing crowd with smile and excitement. As the flame pass by, the atmosphere became electrifying. It was a royal welcome to the flame in Abergele.

The Olympics brings nations together. The torch relay brings communities together. The flame is igniting Olympic fever all over the country.